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Tue, Aug. 10th, 2010, 04:39 pm
Top Albums of the 90's - 1994 (part 1)

Ultimos' Top 69 Albums of the 1990's - 1994 (part 1)

Green Day - Dookie (February 1)
First heard in 1994

1994 was THE YEAR that I was absolutely on top of popular music. Nearly every album that I love from 1994 I actually listened to in '94/'95 when they were fresh. Green Day's breakthrough Dookie was a definite favorite for me, and also pretty much the first time punk broke through to the mainstream since the Sex Pistols (even if it was of the pop variety). It's a damn fine album, and the only real low points for me are the singles, thanks to the constant airplay. Also, Welcome To Paradise is one of my favorite songs ever.
♫: Welcome To Paradise

Beck - Mellow Gold (March 1)
Mellow Gold
First heard in 1995

Odelay is the Beck album that 90's fans are supposed to love, but I'll take Mellow Gold any day. Obviously it has Loser, but it's also just got a great twisted folk sound that I still love today.
♫: Beercan

Soundgarden - Superunknown (March 8)
First heard in 1994

This and Automatic For The People were my first CD's, that I most likely received on my birthday. Superunknown was so good that it was pretty much in my regular play rotation for about as long as I listened to the format.
♫: Black Hole Sun

Offspring - Smash (April 8)
First heard in 1994

Smash was pretty much the same as Dookie - exactly what my Ramones grown ears needed to hear when I was 12.
♫: Smash

Hole - Live Through This (April 12)
Live Through This
First heard in 1994

The power of Live Through This is pretty much amazing. As a young teen, my friends and I hated Courtney Love and were pretty much convinced that he was responsible for Cobain's death...and yet we still all loved Hole. Even in recent years, I relistened to it expecting it to just be nostalgia, but it's actually pretty damn good.
♫: Violet

Weezer - Weezer (Blue) (May 10)
Weezer Blue
First heard in 1995

I fucking love this album, it's so great and replayable. One of my favorites of the decade, easily.
♫: Only In Dreams